Delta-8 Cream 1,000mg– Extra Strength | For Arthritis, Back Pain, Joints + Muscle Recovery




Introducing a THC version of our customer favorite Holistic Dragon CBD Pain Relief Cream by TRIBERevive! We guarantee you will achieve fast and effective relief with our THC cream for pain – or your money back.

Why topicals? If you suffer from chronic pain, taking painkillers too often can cause issues with your kidneys or other harmful side effects. Cannabis pain relief creams are a safe and powerful anti-inflammatory, and have antibacterial properties as well.

Why Holistic Dragon?  Our Delta 8 THC topical pain cream formulation has been described by chronic pain patients as “life changing,” allowing them to skip the pharmaceutical aisle to find daily relief. Use for back and shoulder pain, arthritis, strains, bruises, tension, nerve pain or carpal tunnel.

This formulation contains:

  • Nature’s strongest anti-inflammatories (Cannabinoids, Arnica, Wild Marjoram, Jojoba and Aloe)
  • 3 different cooling agents (Menthol, Peppermint and Wintergreen)
  • Nourishing Coconut and Eucalytpus for soft, supple skin without being greasy



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