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A holistic approach to self care encourages the individual to look at the human body, as well as humanity as a whole, as a series of inter- related systems. Each, seeking to maintain an equilibrium with the whole as it performs its’ function. As we age, we become more acutely aware of our bodies and the aging process and are, therefore, called to be more conscious of what we ingest. As such, Holistic Dragon Apothecary seeks to provide the highest quality natural and organic products available for optimizing self-care.

A holistic approach also recognizes that we are a are connected to each other, the land and the whole natural world. Therefore, to maintain the health of the individual is to maintain the health of the community of which they belong. This interweaving of experiences creates a common destiny and so it is in our best interest to learn ourselves well and assist others to do the same in order to ensure common success and maximize the probability of a prosperous future.

“Wisdom begins with knowledge of Self.”

Holistic Dragon Apothecary